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Let’s have a Good Hair Day



We have a winner!

(oops and I said Wednesday, it’s Thursday and I’m all sorts of messed up this week. My days are all off)

The lucky winner of the Good Hair Day Charm Packet is comment #23, Jo! I’ll send you an email Jo–congrats! Can’t wait to see what you make.


(and have our first give-away! Details at the end of the post)

One of the women in my awesome quilting group, The East Bay Modern Quilters, happens to be the one and only Kim Andersson of i adore pattern. When she asked if I could help sew a few garments to showcase her lovely new line, Good Hair Day, of course I jumped at the chance. I mean, bobby pins are a girls best friend, right?

She gave me the pattern and the fabric and away I went to sew up the Oliver + S Forest Path Cape.

Screenshot 2016-01-15 22.34.44

Seriously cute-and it comes in adult sizes too! The adult version is called the Woodland Stroll Cape. I might just need to make one up for myself.

The pattern calls for two layers of warm fabric, but of course being the crafty quilters we are, Kim thought it would be great to make a patchwork version. Here’s how I did it.

First, I made the patchwork “fabric” in the rough shape of the pattern pieces. I made lots of 16-patches with 3 inch squares until I had the right shape. Then I cut out the pattern pieces from the made fabric. Because I wanted to make sure I had the right angles on the fabric, I traced the whole pattern piece instead of cutting it on the fold.

Here's the traced pattern piece on the made fabric. By not cutting on the fold, you can make sure you get the right angles.
Here’s the traced pattern piece on the made fabric. By not cutting on the fold, you can make sure you get the right angles.

Then I cut the pattern out of my batting and the lining (backing).

Because there’s a seam allowance on the pattern, I had to trim that out of the batting. So I lined it up one piece on top of the other and just made a cut like you would if you were piecing your batting. That way I had two edges butting up to each other, and it laid flat between the layers.

Seams pressed open!
Seams pressed open!

Once all the pieces were cut and assembled into their own little capes, I made my quilt sandwich and basted. I forgot that since the cape is curved to fit shoulders that it might be hard to quilt! It was literally quilting curves. I made sure to pin baste it really well, so the layers wouldn’t slip around as I quilted it.


Once it was quilted, I just trimmed up the edges and bound it with bias binding. And-it’s reversible!

Choosing buttons was hard. I used some vintage wooden buttons in the end.

And that’s the Forest Path Cape in Good Hair Day patchwork!

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Want to see this awesome line in person? One lucky reader gets a charm pack of Good Hair Day to play with.

Leave a comment and tell me how you like to do your hair for a Good Hair Day. Please only one comment per person. Giveaway will be open until the end of the blog hop – 5pm PST on Tuesday, January 19th. Hop around the rest of the Blog Hop for more chances to win.

The winner will be picked at random and I’ll announce here on Wednesday, January 20th.

Now let’s all have a Good Hair Day!


sewist, quilter and fabric hoarder.

Comments (46)

  • Wash, dry, touch up with a curling iron. It’s all good until the humidity goes up, then there is no amount of styling that can make it cooperate!

  • Just blow dry and go

  • So much cuteness!! (I just found this blog hop-and I am really enjoying it!!)

  • I Just loved the stroll cape. The colors were so exquisite.

  • Hi Darci,
    Just flip my head down, comb thru hair upside down, flip upright and it’s a Good Hair day look. Gets better w/being ageless, trust me:)

  • My hair is very healthy and sometimes I add diluted apple cider vinegar to the last rinse to increase the shine!

  • A good hair day for me is a nice French braid! Love the cape.

  • I LOVE to straight iron curl my hair – it takes a while but looks so pretty and lasts a long time!

  • Now that I’m starting to get older, I’m really enjoying a short hair cut for a change. Talk about easy to take care of. thanks for the chance

  • It want my hair curly, and I need to dye my roots. Lol! Thanks for the chance.

  • This line of fabric seems to be so versatile. Now, I am reminded that my own gray hair is long overdue to be colored!!!

  • I get curly perms and I love it when the beautician spends a couple of hours or more getting it just right.

  • My hair always looks the same but I must wash and blow dry every day.

  • Absolutely nothing fancy. I love my hair the way it is, great with just shampoo and conditioner.

  • My hair is really short so a quick blow dry and some texture cream works fine!

  • My hair is super straight, so hot rollers are my friend.

  • I have one of the Baylis pro curls and tend to use this to do my hair if I am going out x
    Iain.ross30 at gmail dot com

  • I adore this fabric line. To get my hair to look good, I braid while wet and let it dry. When I take it out of the braid I have lovely waves instead of the craziness my hair usually becomes!

    debbygrawn at yahoo dot com

  • I love when someone else does my hair- when it was long I loved a braid, but I’m not good at doing my own hair!

  • A few spritzes of a beachy waves product and a little air via diffuser on my hairdryer and ta da! That’s it – I’m ready to go!

  • Beautiful cape! Air dry and a couple curls of the iron for me.

  • Your cape is really cute. My hair has been a disaster zone since my health went downhill and I wince whenever I see photos of myself.

    • Jo! You’re the winner! I’ll send you an email on how to claim your Charm Pack!
      Congrats and I can’t wait to see what you make.

    • Thank you Darci!

  • Wow, that cape is beautiful! An heirloom piece of clothing 🙂
    My hair isn’t straight and isn’t curly and does pretty much the opposite of what I want it to do most mornings. I think my good hair days are when I’m on holiday and have been at the beach, the sea gives it lovely curls 🙂

  • Umm… yeah, I don’t have many good hair days, if it is an important date I will go to the hair dresser and have her do it 🙂

  • I wear my hair really short, and tend to run my fingers through it–that’s a good hair day for me!

  • Right now the temp outside is -2 and the Forest Path Cape looks so cozy and warm!
    My favorite way to have a good hair day is my usual blow-dry and curling iron style, but I need NO humidity to keep it looking good. Otherwise, it turns to frizzzzz in no time flat. Ugh.

  • Short and with a few minutes with the curling iron.

  • I love your project – it looks so warm and comfortable. I have to blow dry my hair to have a good hair day. Thanks!

  • I`ve got curly hair and a good cut with air drying is the only thing I have to do.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I have short, curly hair so it just does what it wants. I love how you made this. I will put it on my 2016 to do list.

  • I have ultra straight hair and my sister is extreme curly! I went gray early and she is still a natural blond!

  • I love my hair the way it is. It used to be curly but now, after many neutral henna gloss domestic treatments (something that I strongly recommend), it is soft, light, not straight but a little wavy.

  • My hair looks best in its naturally wavy state. So I just use good products and let it do its thing.

  • I don’t really “do” my hair. However, it does look it’s best when I use a round brush to “turn it under” after I’ve sprayed it a bit so it’s not so fly away!

  • I like my hair to look great and need to use gel and blow dry it for a style otherwise it is flat and ridiculous looking!! Once it is styled I set it in place with hairspray. I use a mirror to check my hair do all around and fix any weird hair gaps! It seems that as I get older my hair is thinning, so I have to pay attention!!

  • HAHAHA ty well if not a good hair day i hope to have a good sewing day…..I’m waiting for your pictures to up load kinda slow here today……But what i did see i liked…………ty for sharing your good hair day…I like my hair short and feathered……….. [email protected]

  • Got curly hair and a good cut with air drying does the trick for me. Thanks so much!

  • My hair is naturally curly, so all I have to do is wash it. I keep it short so it’s even easier to take care of. Your cape is too fute! Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway.

  • I wear my hair down and it is long. Adore the cape and this line of fabric! thanks!

  • What a cute cape! I usually put my hair into a single French braid.

  • I would love to do my hair all curly, but my hair is as straight as a broom. That said, I just wear it straight. It is shiny though. I keep it really clean and get is cut and styled every five weeks to keep the length under control and to keep the ends from looking too dead from all the hair drying. I am so grateful to have hair after all the friends and family who have gone through chemotherapy. What matters the most is that we have a clean head even if we have no hair and that we try to smile. Life has so many hazards for everyone. I really cannot complain about my hair when I see conditions in this crazy world.

  • HI, my hair has some natural curl, so it just needs a good cut and I’m ready to go! Thank You for sharing!

  • Love to just wear it down. Simple 🙂

  • I have naturally curly hair, so I’m a wash and go girl. Hated it when I was in high school because I never had a good hair day. Love it now! Even though it’s turning grey!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net


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