Remember when I said we’d have a giveaway?

Yeah, me neither. With everything that has been going in my life lately, I totally forgot that I said I would choose a winner of the Cleo skirt pattern giveaway! Oops!

So, let’s give the Cleo Skirt pattern away to lucky #7 in the comments: Shelly! If’ you still would like the pattern I’ll send it on over. Sending you an email stat. 🙂

When I posted about the Cleo I was pregnant, and now I’m not-as these things go. We had the baby 3 weeks early and life got really crazy. I had no idea how much a newborn would rock our world, but needless to say, I haven’t been doing much other than taking care of our new boy.

Isn’t he the sweetest?

Someday I’ll have the energy to blog again but for now, we’ll be snuggling on the couch with Freddie.

sewist, quilter and fabric hoarder.

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