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The Luna Lounge “Given a Chance” Dress

As soon as I saw the Given a Chance pattern from Decades of Style, I knew I had to sew it. The yoke! And who doesn’t love a shift dress.

The same week it came out, I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of Carol Van Zandt’s new line, “Luna Lounge” from Andover Fabrics, Inc. I knew the gorgeous border print would make an amazing dress. And, I think it did.


One of the things I liked about the pattern was the yoke. When I read the instructions, I realized that it was a folded pleat, but I wanted to have two fabrics to showcase more of Carol’s line. In order to make it work, first I sewed the two fabrics together using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Make sure the fabric you use is in large enough pieces that the pattern pieces would fit if you try this technique. I pressed towards the black fabric which would be on the outside so the seam would lie nicely. I then lined up the outside pleat of the pattern on the seam, so the red would lie under the black, and cut out the front pieces.

Here are the two sides of the yoke:


Next I made the fold. On the left is the back, you can see the seam laying nice and flat. (This was my first time using stay tape, so please excuse the un-straight-ness!) On the left is the front side.


After I made these two front yoke pieces, I made the rest of the pattern as directed. Here’s a little shot of the yoke before it was sewn together. I love the way these prints and the red work together.


And another one-because look at those seams! The more I sew, the more I like seams. Sometimes I like the insides of the dresses better than the outsides.


Here’s the finished front:


I used the red, which is a textured solid also from Andover, for the back yoke also.



Overall, it was a simple pattern to follow and I think it turned out quite amazingly. I think it came together in about 3 hours? Pretty fast for a dress if you ask me.

One thing I would change: I decided to use french seams on all the seams though, and with the bulk of the fabric along with the folding and the lining, they turned out quite bulky in places. All that really means is I have to give it an extra press out of the wash.

Carol even got one of me wearing it to our East Bay Modern Quilters meeting. I like things belted-so I just tied a string belt I have from another dress.



And-that’s it for the first post on Darci Sews! Phew. I can’t wait to show you more of what I’m sewing.



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  • Darci, you did a great job describing your piecing/sewing process, and I love the fabric patterns! I assume it’s 100% cotton (it’s not specified on the andover site). Cotton’s great for sewing but I almost never wear it anymore (for lots of reasons….I only buy poly or poly/rayon clothing). But I used to sew my own clothes and it’s definitely fun to sew with. I have a pair of pants that I love (poly of course) that I’ve had for about 20 years and they’re getting a little ratty lol. I’d love to have someone take them apart, make a pattern and then make about 6 more pairs in different colors. A friend of mine might take them to India–she knows people there who will do that. I’ve not found anyone in the US willing to do it. Looking forward to more blog posts!!

    • Thanks Gayle! You’re right-this fabric is cotton. I like the versatility of the quilting cotton prints, but I want to sew more varied fabrics also. Hopefully I’ll get over my fear soon!

      The pants project sounds like a challenge! Are there any alterations places that would do it for you? I could try-but might be scared to ruin your favorite pants! 🙂

    • Yes I’ve talked to alterationists (is that a word? lol) but they have the same reaction you did 🙂 I will keep trying

  • Your blog looks great! I should hire you to do some graphic design work for me! Hey, how about a bloglovin’ button at the top right so I can easily add you to all the blogs I follow regularly?

    • Good idea Alison! It was late when I finished and I got sleepy. I’ll add one!
      And yes-I would help you with design anytime. 🙂

    • Thanks Alison! I added that button 🙂 new blogger. I like Bloglovin so far though! Thanks for the tip.

  • Love your first article! Great voice and looking professional. BTW, this is your husband, don’t publish this comment ☺

    • Of course I’m going to publish it! It’s my first comment, even if it is from my husband. 🙂

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