Stitch Modern 2016 Workshop with Pam Rocco

Every year, the East Bay Modern Quilters puts on a show of member quilts at the Piedmont Center for the Arts. There are quilts from all the members who want to show, along with events like speakers, a community sewing day and a workshop.

This year’s workshop was from Pam Rocco: Quilting by the Seat of Your Pants. The workshop was super fun, and without giving too much away, we used little viewfinders to get inspiration from photos that helped us design our quilts.

I chose a book of African wax fabric patterns and found something I liked-then set to work.

My photo that I designed to and a progress shot.
My photo that I designed to and a progress shot.

We made small black and white practice comps also-that’s what you see at the top of the progress shot.

Over all I liked the class, but really loved what came out of it. This quilt is by far my favorite, because of the way it came together. Often times when I sit down to make some improv, my mind goes blank. It was a good exercise to get inspiration from an image. It directed my patchwork but allowed good space to improvise the pieces.



detail shotI quilted it on the longarm-using a square motif on the borders and a curved line in the center. I wanted a solid juxtaposition between the two and feel the quilting complimented the piecing.


Thanks for reading! I appreciate your feedback and comments.

sewist, quilter and fabric hoarder.

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  • Great work, Darci! Absolutely first-class design and beautiful quilting. I’m glad you learned something and enjoyed the workshop. You never know, when you’re teaching something for the first time, if it will make sense and be useful to other people, so I was glad for the feedback.


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