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Field Trip Quilting Studio

Big not-so-new-news: we left California.

I can’t believe it either.

After we had our son last September, things became increasingly unstable for us in the Bay Area. So we made the decision to move back to my childhood home of West St Paul. (where it’s heard that you can have it all.)

One week before our flight home, my grandfather and Freddie’s namesake passed. So on top of losing any semblance of my life before Freddie, I also lost a very important person in my life. Needless to say, quilting wasn’t on my mind at all. Our return to the Midwest was a whirlwind of family cry sessions and funeral planning.

We survived the first months home though, and as we got more settled, we started looking for a house.

And we looked and we looked. (we finally found one-but that’s another story)

But I digress. I came here to tell you about my amazing new studio space, Field Trip Quilting Studio!

As we looked at every house within the 10-mile radius we targeted, it became clear that my longarm and sewing equipment wasn’t going to fit into the places we were seeing. So, I found a studio. It seems like kismet that I found a studio close to our house–within a few blocks! And it’s ironically across the street from a duplex I used to live in. Life has funny ways of coming around again.

I feel super lucky to have a space in the Block Studios building, and super lucky to be able to start a business quilting. That’s where you come in! Are you looking for a space to quilt in? Maybe you need some big tables to sew on or baste a quilt on? I’ve got you covered. In the coming weeks, I’ll be revamping my website,, to include a bunch of new services and even some classes. So go over to my site and sign up for the newsletter. I’ll be sending out info there very soon about all the fun stuff happening.

Fall in Minnesota means cozy quilts-and I can’t wait to make them with you.

sewist, quilter and fabric hoarder.

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